Why Concussion Baseline Testing Is Important

Benefits Of Concussion Baseline Testing

  1. Individuals receive more personalized and tailored care because the healthcare provider is comparing their progress to their own “normal”.
  2. Healthcare providers have more objective information that helps them make more informed decisions throughout a patient’s recovery.
  3. Schools administering baseline testing as part of a comprehensive concussion protocol are giving students the best chance at a successful recovery.

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What is concussion baseline testing?

ImPACT baseline testing is a computerized neurocognitive test administered prior to a head injury. If the individual is an athlete, baseline testing should be completed prior to an athletic season, including practices. If a head injury occurs, healthcare providers will compare the baseline test results to those from a post-injury test. Differences in scores give healthcare providers insight into the specific deficits an individual is experiencing after a concussion and helps them create tailored treatment plans.

What do baseline concussion tests measure?

ImPACT baseline testing assesses an individual’s visual and verbal memory, reaction time, and processing speed before a head injury.

How often should concussion baseline testing be repeated?

Research suggests that baseline testing should be completed annually.

Who benefits from concussion baseline testing?

In short, all stakeholders benefit from baseline testing.
The test taker benefits from getting highly-personalized and tailored concussion care that may result in faster recovery in the event of a head injury.
The schools or organizations administering baseline testing benefit from knowing they’re giving their students the best possible chance of a quick and successful recovery if a concussion happens. It also helps protect them from liability when utilized properly as part of a comprehensive concussion protocol.
The healthcare provider benefits from having an additional piece of objective information that helps them understand an individual’s pre-injury state. Having this information allows them to more accurately identify cognitive deficits the patient is experiencing and return them to their “normal”.

“Baseline testing makes the doctors’ job easier because it gives them a starting point and a standardized way of assessing the concussion.”

– Dr. Vinay Chopra, Sports Medicine Physician at Genesis Regenerative Sports and Aesthetic Medicine

Is ImPACT baseline testing valid and reliable?

Research and empirical data support the importance of using valid and reliable tools for concussion baseline testing and post-concussion care. ImPACT is research-backed and has received clearance from regulatory bodies worldwide. Additionally, ImPACT has built in validity indicators to detect sandbagging, which is when a test taker is not putting forth their best effort.

Importance Of Baseline Testing

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