Us School / League Packages

When you purchase an ImPACT School Package, you’ll get access to the at-home baseline testing feature at no additional cost.

New customer only: If you are a high school, college, or sports league in U.S.,
you are eligible to purchase one of our specially priced packages.

If you're an existing customer and have questions about pricing, please email or call 877-646-7991 Ext. 3

Package 1

$444 / year

200 baseline tests

10 post-injury-tests

Package 2

$668 / year

400 baseline tests

10 post-injury-tests

Package 3

$892 / year

600 baseline tests

25 post-injury-tests

Package 4

$1,325 / year

1,000 baseline tests

25 post-injury-tests

All packages are purchased on a yearly subscription basis and include technical support and all software updates.

Are you a healthcare provider or an existing customer? Contact us to buy ImPACT.

ImPACT School Packages 1
ImPACT School Packages 2