Us School / League Packages

When you purchase an ImPACT School Package, you’ll get access to the at-home baseline testing feature at no additional cost.

New customer only: If you are a high school, college, or sports league in U.S.,
you are eligible to purchase one of our specially priced packages.

Package 1

$435 / year

200 baseline tests

10 post-injury-tests

Package 2

$655 / year

400 baseline tests

10 post-injury-tests

Package 3

$875 / year

600 baseline tests

25 post-injury-tests

Package 4

$1,300 / year

1,000 baseline tests

25 post-injury-tests

All packages are purchased on a yearly subscription basis and include technical support and all software updates.

Are you a healthcare provider or an existing customer? Contact us to buy ImPACT.

ImPACT School Packages 1
ImPACT School Packages 2